Hello, I am motoko09, I am 24 years old, and I love anything south korea and Japan related, I majored in English and currently I am working part time.
I started watching japanese drama when I was like 18 I think? yeah that’s about right …. but I no longer do, my most favourite ones are: Hana yori dango (we all secretly love those à l’eau de rose plots, about rich men marrying the poor women, it just helps you keep faith in this damaged world)1 liter of tears (this one was just heart wracking!! I loved the story, the whole cast and of course I cried more than one liter) there is also this goofey and a little bit over the edge crazy what the f*ck drama ANNA-SAN NO OMAME! ah god! this one is so much fun, I wish there were more episodes to it, also the ending left me with a lot of unanswered questions…
Anyways, the last couple of years I became Kdrama biased, this virus started to take over my brain in 2011 when a cousin of mine recommanded to watch TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU, I was reluctant at the beginning because of the language mainly and because of their names… their name sounded weird to me (they still do) I mean I can tell which are females’ names and which are males’… it’s really confusing sometimes… (and no, I AM DEFINITELY NOT A RETARD) Kdrama… have HOT MEN! OMG! OMG! DAEBAK!!! they are way hotter and TALLER than the japanese and they can act -sometimes-
My favourite K-drama include: Empress Ki, I hear your voice, the master’s sun and you who came from the stars. (I am a bit picky and hard to please lol)
Recently I am enjoying shows like the surplus princess (so refreshing and amusing) THE SECRET HOTEL (I am really loving it and I am shipping the lead female with both of the male leads, which is really strange because usually I set my mind on one guy only.. this is the first time I am experiencing this, maybe I should get myself a boyfriend too? lol) and THE BLADE MAN (I sincerly thank whoever cast lee dong wook for this role, he’s absolutely perfect for this)
Concerning music I only listen to Kpop and I used to listen to Jpop too, I am a die hard TV5XQ/JYJ fan my only regret is not having known them sooner before the lawsuit and the break up thingy…I also enjoy reading and writing fanfiction about them, hehe xD
last thing… I am a graphic designer, please visit my gallery on tumblr or deviantart!
thank you for reading me and if you have any questions don’t hesitate ^^
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